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My Latest Adventures

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Sunday and Blaze Are Stranger Smart

I am Sunday, and I want to tell you about my mom. Her name is Renée, but I call her Mom. Mom has lots of kids, some with fur and others without fur. Mom wants all of her kids to be safe and loved. Mom taught us how to be STRANGER SMART, and hopes this book will help YOU learn how to be STRANGER SMART too!

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Sunday and Blaze Go To Cowtown

Hi Reader, my name is Sunday. It is so NICE to meet you! I am a Black Lab Great Dane mix. My brother Blaze is a Border Collie who can be a little bossy. We love to go on adventures and hope you join us as we visit the Fort Worth Stockyards! I get a pink cowboy hat, and Blaze gets to herd a COW. So come along with us for a fun day in Cowtown!

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Aurora, Ghost and the Magical Dinosaur Tooth

Welcome, young adventures!

I'm Ghost, and my best friend is Aurora. We're on a daring mission to locate an extraordinary dinosaur tooth, and we need your help! You'll even get to meet Jack a really special friend of mine. So come along with us on this thrilling quest you won't regret it!

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Farty  Frogsworth

A Very Gas-tastic Frog!

Hi there, Friend! I am Farty Frogsworth, and I'm super excited you're here. I have a very special invitation for you - join me on my adventure to make new friends, all while dealing with my very unique... Gas-tastic issue. (That's right, I FART A LOT!) HAHAHAH, So hold your nose and join me on my adventure!